Systematic identification and development of leadership potential

Medium-sized company, line of business: medical technology, approx. 650 employees


Whole company


Identification and development of potential leaders


Project Stages

  • Development of a leadership competence model
  • Identification of potential leaders within the company
  • Development and implementation of a standardized process for the analysis of potential
  • 18 month qualification course for ten potential achievers in six modules. Focus: meta-disciplinary competences and economic know-how


Project Duration
Total duration of the project: 24 months



  • Structured succession planning has achieved very good results due to targeted identification of potential leaders and the subsequent process of leadership competence development. This made it possible to achieve the lasting commitment of important key players to the company. This process has prepared the management structure within the company for further growth. The development of an adequate performance culture is also supported.
  • A tried and tested leadership competence model, still functioning with only a few slight adaptations, has been established firmly within the company, providing orientation and determining company culture.
  • Top management continues to apply the so-called “leadership panels” – a method for mutual discussion and selection of candidates for the potential leadership assessment procedure.
  • Another established procedure for potential leadership assessment centres is the use of observer teams consisting of HB experts and leaders from within the company.
This repeat experience has distinctly increased the competence of the observers from within the company (moderation, systematic and structured evaluation, verbalizing of emotional / intuitive impressions).
  • Consolidation of the leadership competence model with all people involved.